With the intent of producing high quality wines, our production is the result of an intense dedication and combination of traditional processes, new winemaking technologies and modern knowledge in oenology. These facts, allied to the method of the Integrate Production system and to the choice of the best grapes, make this wine a very important quality reference in the Estremadura and Encostas D`Aire regions.

The first bottled wine was the 1995 vintage "Regional red Estremadura".

We record an average annual production of about fifty thousand liters. These are entirely produced exclusively from grapes produced at Quinta da Sapeira, 80% of which are red grapes and 20% are white grapes.


The white wine is produced with selected grapes, picked at low temperatures and submitted to cold maceration for 10 hours. The fermentation occurs in little stainless steel vessels, at a controlled temperature. 

The red wine is produced with partial destemming of grapes and fermentation in open vessels (lagares). The ageing occurs in French oak barrels from 6 months to 12 months. 

The wine is bottled without filtration to preserve all its natural characteristics.